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Need a live event captured and broadcasted live? Media Giant Studios can live stream and record your live music performance, show or digital event. Using our state-of-the-art Livestreaming and Recording system, we can broadcast live video and audio for any show or event. You can choose to use our studio, or our live video team can come to you. We will create a custom stream for your event that includes graphics & transitions tailored specifically to your brand.


Video Recording with Cinema Camera

Why Live Streams Are Important:

Live streaming is quite beneficial for creating a personal relationship with your target audience. As you would be communicating with your audience in an authentic and raw way, the audience feels like they are taking part in a more genuine engagement. It is much more genuine than pre-made videos that are fully scripted. In this way, businesses can improve their trustworthiness and reliability by leveraging live broadcasts, which helps to create exposure, positive brand outlook and better sales when promoting your offerings. When using live streaming, you will expect to see an enhancement in the customer retention and brand loyalty.

Our Livestreaming Process:

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